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Short description

The Total Order Discount+ extension is for CMS Opencart 3.x It allows to create a flexible discount system based on subtotal price or product quantity in the cart.


  • A discount system based on one of the following values:
    • Subtotal price (sums up product prices before tax/VAT).
    • Total price (sums up product prices after tax/VAT).
    • Product quantity in the cart.
  • Unlimited discount rates.
  • Multi-store support with ability to set target store for each discount
  • Percentage or fixed amount discount type.
  • Extra charges (fees) can be used along discounts.
  • Lists of allowed and disallowed product categories.
  • Target customers type (registered accounts and/or guests).
  • Target customers group for each discount rate
  • Date range for each discount rate
  • Customizable warning messages and names for discount and fee (multilanguage).
  • Can set a separate tax class for discounts.
  • Journal 3 support
  • OCMOD - doesn't change OpenCart core files.


Change log

  • v3.0 (2019.10.06):
    • Added ability to set target customers type
    • Added ability to set customer group and date range for each discount rate
    • Added ability to set a particular tax/VAT class for discounts
    • Added ability to set type of subtotal calculation - sum up product prices before or after tax/VAT
    • Added ability to use black/white lists of product categories
    • Code and usability improvements
    • Text corrections
  • v2.2 (2019.09.20):
    • Fix: wrong calculation of discount including tax/VAT
    • Fixed info message behavior
  • v2.1 (2019.07.03):
    • Fixed bug: Discount by quantity
    • Code improvements
  • v2.0 (2019.02.21):
    • Added included/excluded categories list
    • Tax class for discounts and fees
    • Code improvements
  • v1.1 (2018.11.12):
    • Bug fixes
    • Code improvements
  • v1.0 (2018.08.21):
    • Code improvements
    • Added help text entries
  • v1.0 (2018.08.01):
    • First release

Live Demo


Where and how to purchase

  • Opencart Marketplace (see links above): 20usd
  • Payoneer payments (-25% discount for 2+ modules)
  • Direct card payment (~1.8% fee): 10usd

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