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Short description

The Admin Filter+ extension is for CMS Opencart 3.x Admin Panel. It allows to filter product list in Admin Panel by category, manufacturer and date added.
Last update - v3.0(2019.10.09)


  • Allows to filter product list in Admin Panel by:
    • Category
    • Manufacturer
    • Date added
  • Allows to display columns in product list with:
    • Product categories
    • Product manufacturer
    • Product date added
  • It doesn't need to push the filter button - filter applies during select
  • Multilingual
  • OCMOD - does not change core files


Change log

  • v2.1 (2019.10.08):
    • Added ability to filter products without category or manufacturer
  • v2.0 (2019.06.13):
    • Added ability to displaying/filtering/sorting products by date added
    • Added ability to setting/changing products date added
  • v1.2 (2019.02.25):
    • Little fixes and improvements
  • v1.1 (2019.02.05):
    • Fixed manufacturers sorting
  • v1.0 (2019.01.31):
    • First release



Where and how to purchase

  • Opencart Marketplace (see links above): 20usd
  • Payoneer payments (-25% discount for 2+ modules)
  • Direct card payment (~1.8% fee): 10usd

Just contact me


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