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Short description

The Path Manager+ extension is for CMS Opencart 3.x. It allows to manage product and categories urls, canonical links and breadcrumbs. Also module allows to add JSON-LD structured data for providing information about a page and classifying the page content.


  • Allows to change urls, canonical links and breadcrumbs for products and categories pages. One of the following link types is available:
    • Direct product link - example.com/product
    • Shortest category path - example.com/cat1/product
    • Longest category path - example.com/cat1/cat2/cat3/product
    • Last product category - example.com/cat3/product
    • Product manufacturer - example.com/brand/product
  • Allows to change urls and canonical links of categories.
  • Allows to disable links in the last breadcrumb items as well as make them font bold
  • OCMOD and Opencart Event System provide high level of compatibility with custom templates and modules.

Live demo


Where and how to purchase

  • Opencart Marketplace (see links above): 20usd
  • Payoneer payments (-25% discount for 2+ modules)
  • Direct card payment (~1.8% fee): 10usd

Just contact me


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